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Collector's Grade Box Call-

This is a new model for Grandpa Ed. It is a three-chambered box with a shelled out cedar base and the pewter strutting gobbler on the lid. The pewter inlays are unique to Grandpa Ed's calls and are cast by Grandma Vasek.


Presentation Grade Box Call-

This is the presentation grade three-chambered box call. It features a unique pewter inlay of a strutting gobbler. Different woods are available on request. Each call is signed, dated and personalized to the recipient.

Field Grade Box Call-

No shell base No turkey in strut inlay. Just a good working Box Call.


Custom Crafted Wing Bone and Cowhorn Yelper -

Grandpa has started experimenting with other types of calls and has made a unique yelper out of a turkey wing bone and cow horn. The joints are wrapped and each call is signed, numbered, dated and personalized to the recipient.


Three Turkey Bone Call Yelper


Turtle Shell Slate with Wing Bone Striker-

This is another of the unique calls made by Grandpa Ed. Turtle shells are hard to come by but they make some great sounding slates.

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