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Turkey Calls --

Herter's, Inc.
Started in 1893

Waseca, Minnesota

Located in Waseca, Minnesota, Herter's was a mail-order company that offered a complete line of adjustable chokes, ventilated ribs, finished and unfinished stocks, cleaning supplies, boots, clothing, and other shotgunning, shooting, and hunting-related paraphernalia. Initially noted for their low prices and high quality, they went out of business in the early 1970s, a demise that was largely the result of mismanagement.

George Leonard Herter, who successfully managed Herter's, Inc., through about 1970, was one of the all-time great catalog writers. His descriptions of merchandise made Herter's seem the only supplier of quality products. A balding man of slight build who wore rather thick glasses, Herter never wanted to appear in photographs, lest his customers see him as something other than a second Paul Bunyan. In addition to making somewhat exaggerated claims, Herter also invented the "North Star Guide Association," a fictitious organization of equally fictitious Alaskan and Canadian guides who endorsed Herter's products.

Herter's began producing turkey calls in 1950 when they came out with their Plantation Turkey Call which was a simple 1" x 1" x 6" cedar scratch box. There are thousands of these calls out there and it is by far the most common Herter's turkey call you will find. It wasn't until 23 years later in 1973 that they came out with the 107 Hen-Tom Box call and the C102 Slate Call. These calls are much harder to locate and are very collectable.


Turkey Calls Produced
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Years Produced
1973 - ?
The Model 107 Box call came out in the 1973 catalogs. It had one side for Hens and one for Toms.

I'm not sure how long they were produced.

1973 - ?

The Model C102 Slate call came out at the same time as the 107 Box Call. They used the same cardboard box to ship this call as the Plantation Model with just a rubber stamping of the "C102" where "Plantation" was printed on the other boxes. This call was just a solid block of walnut with a 1" hole drilled into the end for the peg to fit into.


1950 - ??

The calls in the brown boxes seem to be the most most common Herter's turkey call, the Plantation Model. They also came with the turkey calling manual by George Herter "Hunting and Calling the Wild Turkey".

This version of the Model 77 Plantation call was only made for a very short period of time while the company was in transition in Burnsville, MN and not the normal Waseca, MN. It came in a plain brown stamped box that was also unique. They also came with the turkey calling manual by George Herter "Hunting and Calling the Wild Turkey". This is a very unique and rare call. I've only seen one ever.
1970's - ??

Herter's eventually switched boxes to a larger white box with the model C77 stamped on it. I haven't been able to confirm when this occurred but the white box has a zip code which means it was after 1963. My guess it was probably in the 1970's when they switched but I don't know what year. The Herter's calls in the white boxes are much more scarce than the one's in the old brown boxes, so they must not have made them this way for long. They still came with the turkey calling manual by George Herter "Hunting and Calling the Wild Turkey".




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